Professor Alison Phipps describes how the Scottish Crannog Centre inspires visitors to share stories and ponder the potential of restorative integration.
Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz shares research demonstrating the earliest cities developed north of the Alps between the 6th and 5th centuries BC.
Professor Mike Benton OBE discusses the new research that is helping shed fresh light on long-extinct species like dinosaurs.
Professor Francisca Mutapi explains how having a lack of diverse clinical trials and treatments may be costing lives and increasing health inequalities.
Heather Douglas lays out norms for scientific inquiry that make it distinct from in practice from politics.
An artistic exploration of ways to communicate and connect around climate change. How key messages are failing to engage the deaf community.
Professor Dame Anne Glover details the findings of the RSE Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission and how Scotland can emerge stronger from the pandemic.
Jan Webb and Professor Becky Lunn explore the future of domestic energy to achieve our net-zero ambitions.
What currency might be used in an independent Scotland? Watch Professor Sir John Kay FRSE reviews the various possibilities for Scotland.
What currency might be used in an independent Scotland? Listen to Professor Sir John Kay FRSE review of the various possibilities for Scotland.
Professor Russell Morris FRSE outlines the recent Science and the Parliament event, showing politicians what actions are needed to tackle climate change.
The Winter 2021 edition of ReSourcE turns to the ever-accelerating field of innovation in health as the primary focus. We hear from experts and leading thinkers within the Fellowship and Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) on the use of new technology in healthcare, as well as innovation in emerging practices across the health sector.