Blog| 10/06/2024
Productivity really matters to us all; and is both misunderstood and under-discussed by many. Productivity is a key factor so
Video| 04/06/2024
A joint event with the Scottish Government examines how evidence is used in the third sector to inform policy and practice development.
Blog| 30/05/2024
Whales and dolphins are among the most loved and recognisable creatures on the planet. While research into their behaviour is well-developed, there is still a lot to learn about their lives below the waves and how human actions impact their world.  
Blog| 28/05/2024
In response to the RSE report on the economic contribution of the third sector in Scotland, Dave Spencer on fostering a genuine partnership between the third sector and councils.
Blog| 22/05/2024
Rebecca Christie, Senior fellow at Bruegel argues that by leveraging its regional leadership, the UK can shift the post-Brexit landscape towards cooperation and collaboration.
Video| 21/05/2024
The RSE hosted a public panel discussion on assisted dying, incorporating views from speakers on both sides of the issue.
Video| 20/05/2024
Witness the meeting of two Scottish literary minds in this evening of discussion and reflection between Louise Welsh and Jenny Niven.
Video| 15/05/2024
Join American philosopher, theologian, activist, and public intellectual Professor Cornel West for the RSE’s annual Gifford seminar.
Video| 07/05/2024
By 2050, the world must feed two billion more people. At this annual joint lecture with SCRR, experts explore the key challenges.
Video| 30/04/2024
Darren McGarvey leads an evening of exploration of trauma, lived experience, and the stories we tell ourselves about our wounds.
Magazine| 29/04/2024
The spring 2024 edition of ReSourcE explores the future of education in Scotland and the pivotal role that learning plays in shaping our collective future.
Blog| 19/04/2024
Post-Brexit compliance: the regulatory rough ride. Peter Sellar sheds light on the evolving landscape of GB-EU alignment, highlighting challenges for businesses navigating dual regulatory markets.