Video| 08/12/2023
Human Rights in Law and Life: an event to mark the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, discussing the nature of global human rights practice, focusing on the legal and lived experiences in different contexts.
Blog| 07/12/2023
Professor Jan Zielonka discusses the changing landscape of Europe’s politics which he believes is marked by a shift from traditional divides to a clash between liberals and sovereigntists.
Blog| 06/12/2023
Post-Brexit environmental paths diverge: Scotland commits to EU standards, but the UK's stance remains ambiguous. Professor James Curran delves into this divide, highlighting challenges and threats to maintaining parity with Europe's environmental benchmarks.
Video| 01/12/2023
Over the course of this century, cancer will become the leading cause of premature death. So how do we achieve a world where fewer people develop cancer?
Video| 29/11/2023
How to think like Adam Smith? In Smith’s tercentenary year, Professor Adam Dixon takes on this question.
Blog| 29/11/2023
Kirsty Hughes FRSE takes a look at the Scottish government's new paper on 'An Independent Scotland in the EU'. She notes that the paper tackles some tricky issues head-on, but there are gaps too.
Blog| 24/11/2023
Professor Roger Crofts argues that the environment is our shared responsibility and highlights challenges post-Brexit: declining standards, political influences, and the need for unified action. We must talk early, talk often, and collaborate globally to protect our planet.
Blog| 17/11/2023
Professor Paul James Cardwell delves into the aftermath of Brexit's impact on higher education. From the farewell to Erasmus+ to the birth of Turing, it's a complex horizon. Will the UK seek to re-join Erasmus?
Blog| 13/11/2023
Dr Deval Desai writes about the intersection of academic freedom and human rights, and how restrictions on one can impede the other.
Blog| 08/11/2023
Professor Katy Hayward on 'bord-inary' challenges; Brexit's border changes that are causing friction in the UK.
Blog| 06/11/2023
Dr Dmitry Fedosov discusses John Barbour's monumental 14th-century poem, "The Bruce," which chronicles Scotland's War of Independence.
Video| 02/11/2023
The EU faces multiple challenges, both internally and externally, so what does its future hold and is it still the right answer after the watershed?