Blog| 22/02/2024
Sustaining Scotland's emerging cultural cinema come sharply into focus, revealing an intricate dance between education and industry demands.
Blog| 15/02/2024
Jude Barber advocates for an intersectional feminist approach when it comes to designing and building healthy, sustainable communities.
Blog| 08/02/2024
Leonie Bell declares the V&A Dundee a beacon for cultural growth in Dundee and a global voice for design and culture.
Blog| 06/02/2024
Richard Simpson sheds light on the disparity between political praise and the actual power dynamics at play, where statutory funders often wield unequal influence.
Blog| 01/02/2024
Sean McNamara advocates for the support of libraries, stressing their integral role in democracy, equality, and intellectual freedom.
Blog| 25/01/2024
Leila Aboulela, renowned author and essayist, reflects on her life-altering move from Sudan to Scotland.
Blog| 18/01/2024
Professor Dorothy Miell, asserts the enduring importance of human artistic expression, emphasising inclusivity and authenticity as it navigates the evolving landscape of technology.
Blog| 11/01/2024
Catherine Stihler, CEO of Creative Commons, discusses the role of AI in creativity and the evolution of copyright.
Blog| 10/01/2024
Brexit's impact on the environment: the EU's steady green policies vs. the UK's fragmented approach. Post-Brexit, Baroness Young of Old Scone looks at the divergence among the four nations, and highlights the importance of cross-learning.
Video| 15/12/2023
Watch two luminaries of the literary world, Sir Ian Rankin interviewing Damian Barr in an insightful and thought-provoking conversation.
Blog| 15/12/2023
Exploring the evolution of UK-EU relations in foreign and security policy: from Brexit's seismic shift to renewed cooperation post-Ukraine crisis. Benjamin Martill's insightful analysis sheds light on this dynamic landscape.
Video| 14/12/2023
Professor Carrie Jenkins explore the age-old question: what is love really? What if your happy ever after… isn’t?