Blog| 01/11/2023
Joël Reland says the subtle regulatory shifts persist post-Brexit, impacting laws, trade, and business complexity. He believes vigilance is key as new regulatory barriers emerge.
Blog| 30/10/2023
Dr John Nugent is investigating the enigma of neutrinos, abundant yet elusive fundamental particles.
Blog| 30/10/2023
Professor Jeffrey Sharkey FRSE argues that Brexit has had a negative impact on the performing arts, causing visa issues and reduced earnings, which is driving some artists to consider leaving the industry.
Blog| 27/10/2023
Professor Sarah Prescott discusses the effects of Brexit on international study, language education, and student opportunities, including the transition from Erasmus to the Turing Scheme.
Blog| 27/10/2023
Professor Murray Pittock FRSE, recaps on the 5th Scotland-Europe Initiative workshop on Higher Education.
Blog| 23/10/2023
Dr Moriba Jah, a space environmentalist, highlights Scotland's potential to lead in space environmentalism and sustainability, emphasising the importance of addressing space debris and promoting sustainable practices.
Blog| 16/10/2023
Professor Camilla Toulmin writes about Africa-Scotland relations and her work on sound policies and substantial action.
Podcast| 11/10/2023
The Research Excellence Framework, often regarded as the formidable arbiter of research prowess, stands as a behemoth in the British educational landscape. Despite its undeniable prominence, it is not impervious to critique
Blog| 06/10/2023
David Gow reflects on the The EU and the Brexit Negotiations RSE and Europa Institute event with Professor Brigid Laffan and Dr. Stefaan de Rynck.
Blog| 06/10/2023
Professor Michael Keating discusses challenges for shared regulatory competences after Brexit.
Podcast| 04/10/2023
Dr Mhairi Stewart sheds light on the evolving landscape of knowledge exchange and the benefits of public engagement for all.
Podcast| 27/09/2023
We embark on an exploration of the multifaceted relationship between the tertiary education system and the Sustainable Development Goals.