As Scotland’s National Academy, we use the combined knowledge of our 1,800-strong Fellowship and wider network to contribute to the social and economic well-being of Scotland, its people, and the global community.

The RSE identifies three broad challenges facing Scotland and the world – all of which require truly multidisciplinary knowledge to address:

Climate change and environmental sustainability

Economic prosperity


Social cohesion

The challenges are addressed through an interdisciplinary approach encompassing the natural sciences; the economic and social sciences; the humanities; the creative arts, and the world of practice.

As a genuinely multidisciplinary academy, the RSE relies on Fellows to draw on the expertise, understanding and knowledge to contribute substantially to these societal challenges.

However you choose to participate, whether you are pioneering a new idea, promoting scientific research in Scotland, providing advice to governments and parliaments, facilitating a forum for discussion to disseminate knowledge, or want to amplify our mission, knowledge made useful, we welcome you to the RSE.

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New Fellows induction 2023 © Stewart Attwood

Have an idea?

How to submit an activity proposal:

The RSE invites Fellows to contribute by submitting an activity proposal, whether for establishing a community of interest on a particular issue, one-off events or conferences, or other initiatives.

All proposals for new activities are submitted to the Programme Committee for review using the activity proposal form. The committee reviews proposals for new activities, whether from Fellows, Office-Bearers, Council, Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) members, or external organisations or individuals.

The RSE is particularly interested in activities that align with the RSE’s strategic plan in addressing the key societal challenges of climate change and environmental sustainabilityeconomic prosperity, and social cohesion and inclusion; however, this does not exclude other critical issues. The RSE’s diverse expertise and membership enables us to bring multidisciplinary perspectives to a wide range of issues of significance for Scotland, the UK, and internationally.

If you require any support completing the form or have any questions about the next deadline for submission, please contact [email protected].

Complete an activity proposal

Ways to get involved:

While being a Fellow is an honour, it also offers you opportunities to contribute to our work as Scotland’s National Academy which I hope you will embrace.

Professor Sir John Ball, RSE President
The RSE Council is responsible for the governance of the Society and for overseeing the work of the Executive Committee and Standing Committees,
Being a Fellow of the RSE and contribute your knowledge to tackling the most pressing challenges of the modern world.
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