Podcast| 11/10/2023
The Research Excellence Framework, often regarded as the formidable arbiter of research prowess, stands as a behemoth in the British educational landscape. Despite its undeniable prominence, it is not impervious to critique
Blog| 06/10/2023
David Gow reflects on the The EU and the Brexit Negotiations RSE and Europa Institute event with Professor Brigid Laffan and Dr. Stefaan de Rynck.
Blog| 06/10/2023
Professor Michael Keating discusses challenges for shared regulatory competences after Brexit.
Podcast| 04/10/2023
Dr Mhairi Stewart sheds light on the evolving landscape of knowledge exchange and the benefits of public engagement for all.
Podcast| 27/09/2023
We embark on an exploration of the multifaceted relationship between the tertiary education system and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Podcast| 20/09/2023
Digital skills and technologies offer immense opportunities that continue to shape our society, careers, and daily lives. How do we upskill our workforce to meet new challenges?
Video| 15/09/2023
Around 1 in every 375 adults live with Parkinson’s disease in Scotland. We discuss the latest research taking place in Dundee.
Is the seabed a realm of mystery or a part of our world? Surface the legal, ecological and heritage issues relating to the seabed.
There are no easy solutions to removing carbon from aviation. Explore the challenges and opportunities involved with Professor Andrew Rae.
Blog| 26/09/2023
Degrees, and indeed all forms of tertiary education, are evaluated by the extent to which they lead to jobs. British Prime
Blog| 27/09/2023
Professor Michael Keating argues that the promise of Brexit was to ‘take back control’ and establish the sovereignty and supremacy of the UK Parliament and people.
Video| 12/09/2023
Join us for a triumphant showcase of the women who broke down barriers and changed the face of STEM in Scotland.