The RSE is in a unique position to consider education as a whole and relate it to the major social, economic, and environmental challenges, exploring what society needs from its education, skills, and assessment system. Key questions that sit beneath this overarching challenge include:

  • What does society value in education and skills?
  • How do we ensure we have the skills to achieve net zero?
  • What knowledge do learners need?
  • What is the balance between knowledge and skills?
  • What is it we are seeking to assess in education?

The RSE’s plans focus on the education and skills system that will be needed as we transition to a net zero economy and sustainable development and practices, while stressing inclusion and interdependence and coherence across the education system.#h-policy-advice

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Dr Janet Brown FRSE, RSE Education Committee Convener

The education and skills system is a continuum, stretching from the early years to lifelong learning. It supports initial learning, reskilling, and upskilling at all life stages. Learning occurs in nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, training, workplaces, and in many other domains. Changes introduced to one aspect of this intricate whole can have profound and sometimes unintended impacts on other parts of the system.

As we move into the second quarter of the 21st century, it is critical that the Scottish education and skills system delivers for learners and for Scotland. We need an overarching, long-term vision that is developed into an achievable policy with measurable impact and which recognises the interdependency of the system and enables it to be flexible and responsive.

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