People with intellectual disabilities face unique health challenges, including lower cancer screening participation which leads to higher mortality. Professor Deborah Cairns was awarded an International Joint Projects award to collaborate with colleagues in Australia to improve access and engagement globally.
The Director of the Productivity Institute Professor Bart Van Ark, gave a talk on the challenges facing the future of productivity in the UK and Scotland.
The Royal Society of Edinburgh is looking for a Qualitative Researcher who has excellent research and writing skills, as well as a background and interest in Scottish relations across Africa.
On Tuesday 4 June, the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), Scotland’s National Academy, held an admission ceremony for its 57 new Fellows from the arts, business, public service, civil society, and academia in Scotland and beyond.
Exploring LGBTQ+ life, RSE awardee Professor Yvette Taylor aims to reimagine social justice through intersectional queer perspectives, focusing on resilience, creativity, and non-normative practices.
RSE Personal Research Fellowship awardee, Dr Laura Forrest discusses her work aiming to improve menstrual health literacy in Scotland.
The Royal Household has announced that His Majesty King Charles III will assume the patronage of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
Professor Cornel West delivered the annual Gifford Seminar at the Royal Society of Edinburgh - A jazz-soaked philosophy for catastrophic times
A newly identified species of shrimp has been named Tealliocaris weegie in honour of the people of Glasgow.
An interview with Darren McGarvey, who began his new project, “The Trauma-Industrial Complex”, at the Royal Society of Edinburgh in May 2024.
The spring 2024 edition of ReSourcE explores the future of education in Scotland and the pivotal role that learning plays in shaping our collective future.
The RSE is pleased to announce the recipients of its new community-led research awards. Generously backed by the Williamson Trust, a total of £59,518 will be awarded to 12 community research projects located across Scotland.