The RSE has published a report on the environmental and social impacts of public subsidies for the forestry sector in Scotland. 
Discovery of five-metre long aquatic reptile fossils from the Triassic period of China are uncovered in a Royal Society of Edinburgh academic journal.
The RSE announces 60 exceptional research projects that have been selected at the autumn 2024 Research Awards programme call.
The spring 2024 RSE Research Awards programme opens today, providing funding opportunities for all academic disciplines and across all career stages.
A call to early to mid-career researchers and professionals as the RSE Young Academy of Scotland seeks to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and amplify emerging voices for the benefit of Scotland and the world.
Eight RSE Fellows are on the New Year Honours list 2024 to mark their extraordinary achievements and services.
Dr Emily Draper of the Young Academy of Scotland speaks about her drive to understand how the world works, and her commitment to helping women in chemistry, as she receives her RSE Lady Margaret Moir Medal.
Professor Jenni Barclay is a world leader in the emerging field of social volcanology - working with communities to help them become more resilient to volcanic activity, especially in times of crisis.
Professor Sharon Ashbrook - a world leader in the emerging field of nuclear magnetic resonance crystallography - speaks about the importance of asking why in a career in science.
Prof Peter Cameron writes that net zero transition must not upset the apple cart... too much.
An impactful year for the RSE – launching a strategic plan for 2023–2028 and continuing to deliver on our mission of ‘knowledge made useful’.
The RSE's report urges an urgent reset of Scotland's climate strategy, emphasising a need for an ambitious and detailed approach in the delayed climate plan.