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The RSE International Committee first met in 1999, with the stated goal to promote the Society’s profile overseas. Since then, it has worked towards spreading greater awareness of the RSE Fellowship, leading to today where we have a strategic international programme of multilateral partnerships with national academies and networks around the world.

Commitee purpose

The committee will:

  • Forge multilateral partnerships that provide researchers in Scotland with the opportunity to build international connections.
  • Facilitate international exchange programmes, enabling Scottish-based researchers to collaborate with their counterparts elsewhere in the world.
  • Promote the exchange of Early Career Researchers, giving them the opportunity to experience research activities in other countries.
  • Raise awareness overseas of the research and innovation being undertaken in Scotland.
  • Stimulate international collaboration between research centres.
  • Provide a forum for discussion on international affairs, Scotland’s place in the wider world, and international issues in science, the arts and letters, technology, industry, and commerce.
  • Be guided by the Programme Committee on resources, priorities, strategic fit and links with other work.

Operational process

  • Meeting frequency: Normally meets twice or three times a year with the option of other meetings as necessary.
  • Committee quorum: Four members, including Convener or a Member of Council who is a member of the committee.
  • Budgetary responsibility: To remain within the budget as set by Council. If projects or initiatives arise which would go beyond this, a case must be presented to the Council or appropriate Office-Bearer with delegated powers for approval.
  • Reports to: RSE Council. Convenor is responsible for signing off submissions and external engagement by the Committee. RSE General Secretary is responsible for signing off International Committee responses on behalf of the Society.

Committee activity

  • International

    We promote Scotland’s international reputation in research, innovation and culture through our events, partnerships and publications.

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