A call to early to mid-career researchers and professionals as the RSE Young Academy of Scotland seeks new members to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and amplify emerging voices for the benefit of Scotland and the world.

Established in 2011, the Young Academy of Scotland provides a platform for talented professionals from across academia, business, third-sector and public life. They strive to help Scotland’s people and policy-makers address the grand challenges facing society. By sharing knowledge and practical expertise, they investigate pressing social issues, inform public debate, amplify marginalised voices, and drive transformational change.

Logo, RSE's Young academy of Scotland

This is all done through a wide range of interdisciplinary projects, led by members. Members contribute by taking part in existing projects, and are also encouraged to suggest new activities and projects, themed around three grand challenges:


Enabling people in Scotland to thrive sustainably.


Enabling a more equitable, diverse, and just Scottish society.


Enabling a respectful and inclusive societal exchange.

How can new members apply to the Young Academy of Scotland?

Applications for membership to the Young Academy of Scotland are now open; details of selection criteria, commitment, and how to apply can be found on the Young Academy of Scotland website. Applications will close on Friday 23 February 2024.