UK Young Academy appoints new members 

32 emerging leaders from across the UK have been selected as the newest members of the UK Young Academy, a network for early career researchers and professionals established to help tackle local and global issues and promote meaningful change.

From policy to engineering, education, archaeology and the creative industries, the new cohort of members come from a wide range of sectors and have each made significant contributions to their field.

The UK Young Academy will provide them with a forum to exchange ideas, share expertise and participate in local and global policy discussions with the aim of tackling challenges based on areas that matter to them.

Work programmes and initiatives led by members are already underway, with the aim to address the young academy’s strategic priorities set out in its first year. The first of the young academy’s major projects, to launch later this year, will be a programme to support researchers and professionals at risk, both in the UK and globally.

The UK Young Academy has been established as an interdisciplinary collaboration with the Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy, Learned Society of Wales, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Irish Academy, Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the Royal Society. It joins the global initiative of Young Academies, with the UK Young Academy becoming the 50th to join the Young Academy movement.

The new members take up their posts from 19 March 2024, and membership runs for five years.

Full list of members

  • William Allen 
    British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow 
    University of Oxford and Nuffield College 
  • Joseph Bentley 
    Managing Director 
    ACT Medical 
  • Sifeng Bi 
    Lecturer (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) 
    University of Strathclyde 
  • Precious Chatterje-Doody 
    Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Studies 
    The Open University 
  • Jennifer Clarke 
    Operations Leader for the Chief Scientist Directorate 
    NPL Management Limited 
  • Daniele Cotton 
    Doctoral Research Fellow (Bioengineering) and Training Clinician (Oncology) 
    University of Oxford 
  • Arthur Dudney 
    Director of Cultural Programmes 
  • Steven Egan 
    Program Associate for Washington Ireland Program Academy and Forum programs 
    Washington Ireland Program 
  • Sophie Frost 
    Lecturer in Creative Leadership 
    University of Creative Arts 
  • Nikita Hari 
    Head of Teaching and Design Support Group, Department of Engineering 
    University of Oxford 
  • Henry Ibitolu 
    PhD Researcher (Future Cities Engineering) 
    The University of Edinburgh/University of Glasgow 
  • Andrew Jupp 
    Assistant Professor in Main-Group Chemistry 
    University of Birmingham 
  • Hiba Khan 
    Chief Revenue Officer 
  • Antonia Liguori 
    Professor of Participatory Storytelling and Public Policy 
    Teesside University, School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law  
  • Alexander Lloyd 
    Research Fellow (in Clinical, Education and Health Psychology) 
    University College London 
  • Emily Lowthian 
    Lecturer in Education 
    Swansea University 
  • Catherine Manning 
    Lecturer in Psychology 
    University of Reading 
  • Síle Molloy 
    Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology 
    St George’s, University of London 
  • Imrose Muhit 
    Lecturer in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering 
    Teesside University 
  • Christoph Nehrbass-Ahles 
    Senior Scientist 
    National Physical Laboratory 
  • Eóin Parkinson 
    Lecturer in Biological Archaeology 
    University College Cork & Queen’s University Belfast 
  • Marloes Peeters 
    Professor in Engineering Biology 
    University of Manchester 
  • William Reynolds 
    Senior Machine Learning Engineer 
  • Sandeep Sandhu 
    Head of Stakeholder Relationships 
    Innovate UK Business Connect 
  • Dhruti Shah 
    Creative Lead 
    Have You Thought About 
  • Timor Sharan
    Senior Research Associate 
    Centre on Armed Groups 
  • Clare Siviter-Groschwald 
    Associate Professor in French Theatre 
    University of Bristol 
  • Priyanka Surana 
    Senior Scientific Manager 
    Wellcome Sanger Institute 
  • Rebecca Tapscott 
    Lecturer (Politics Department)  
    University of York 
  • Marc Tilley 
    Humanitarian Affairs Adviser 
    Freelance / Global Centre for Climate Mobility 
  • Rachel Tough 
    Doctoral Researcher (School of Global Development) 
    University of East Anglia 
  • Kevin Woollard 
    Senior Director 

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