Young Academy of Scotland New Members 2022

The RSE Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) has announced the appointment of 60 new members. The group represents some of the nation’s most innovative young professionals from across the arts, business and industry, government, the public sector, research, and academia, the third sector and beyond. They will join YAS’s existing members in realising its mission to achieve transformative societal change through citizenship, innovation, collaboration, evidence, and leadership.

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RSE Young Academy of Scotland new members 2022

Among the new members are six individuals who have been appointed through YAS’s At-Risk Academic/Refugee (ARAR) membership initiative. This initiative encourages outstanding individuals with a refugee or asylum-seeking background to apply to YAS and provides them with support to complete their applications. In joining YAS, ARAR members regain some of the social and professional capital they lost during their displacement, and YAS benefits from ARAR members’ talents, experience, and unique perspectives.

YAS encourages membership applications from individuals in all sectors of society. This year, YAS is pleased to welcome members joining from business, the non-profit sector, and the arts, who include:

Lewis Hou

Founder and Director of the Science Ceilidh, an award-winning organisation connecting creativity, culture, STEM, research and health and wellbeing with and by community groups, libraries, youth clubs and schools across Scotland.

Paria Moazemi Goodarzi

A Visual Artist and Public Art Practitioner who co-founded ‘Distanced Assemblage’ a community-based art initiative to make a positive impact on the wellbeing and visibility of people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds by providing opportunities to engage in art making.

Lindsay Paterson

Head of Global Engagement of the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh, a policy, public affairs, and communications professional working to improve health and social care, mental health, health inequalities, and equity of access to services in Scotland.

The new cohort also includes a diverse group of researchers with specialisms ranging from engineering to the history of science. In addition to academic achievements, the selection committees placed significant emphasis on public outreach and interdisciplinary collaboration. Among the new academic members are:

Alejandra Aranceta-Garza

A Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Dundee, whose research focuses on the development of rehabilitative medical devices to assist people in improving their quality of life, whilst also extending our knowledge of how the body moves.

Michael Barany

A Senior Lecturer in the History of Science at the University of Edinburgh who researches and teaches the history and culture of modern science and mathematics.

Amelia Penny

A Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews’s School of Biology who is investigating changes in biodiversity and how organisms act as ecosystem engineers, particularly in reef ecosystems.

The Young Academy of Scotland is delighted to welcome this outstanding group of new members, whose talents and experiences will bring so much to our work. Our ongoing commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), which was diligently applied during our election process, led to diverse representation of new members from across many different sectors. We are hugely excited to see these new members bring their expertise, enthusiasm, and creativity to YAS to collaborate on new interdisciplinary projects that will achieve transformative change in Scotland and beyond.

Dr Margaret Cunningham, Co-Chair of YAS

I am delighted to see these accomplished young professionals join the RSE Young Academy of Scotland. I am particularly delighted that YAS is continuing in its commitment to bring at-risk academic and refugee professionals into its membership. In bringing such diverse and innovative young leaders together, YAS has great potential to produce creative, fresh solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing our society.

Professor Sir John Ball, President of the RSE

Young Academy of Scotland New Members 2022

  1. Dr Dorothy Aidulis, Founder and Director, STEM Scotland Ltd
  2. Dr Mohammed Altayyeb, Well-being Development Officer, Maryhill Integration Network
  3. Dr Craig Anderson, Senior Lecturer in Statistics, University of Glasgow
  4. Dr Alejandra Aranceta-Garza, Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering, University of Dundee
  5. Junaid Ashraf, Community Engagement Officer, Cemvo Scotland
  6. Dr Michael Barany, Senior Lecturer in the History of Science, University of Edinburgh
  7. Dr Jack Barrie, Circular Economy Research Fellow, The Royal Institute of International Affairs
  8. Dr Elaine Baxter, Director, Boutique Innovation Ltd
  9. Matthew Bellhouse Moran, Museum Manager, The Unicorn Preservation Society
  10. Dr Miguel Oscar Bernabeu Llinares, Deputy Director, The Bayes Centre; Senior Lecturer, Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh
  11. Dr Chiara Bonacchi, Senior Lecturer in Heritage, University of Stirling
  12. Dr Katie Boyle, Associate Professor of International Human Rights Law, University of Stirling; Non-practising solicitor Law Society of Scotland
  13. Dr Andy Buckley, Senior Lecturer in Particle Physics, University of Glasgow
  14. Dr Neil Burnside, Chancellor’s Fellow, University of Strathclyde
  15. Dr Michael Byrne, Reader in Climate Science, University of St Andrews
  16. Brian Connolly, Specialist – Place (Stakeholder Engagement), Scottish Enterprise
  17. Liz Cooper, PhD Researcher in Psychology, University of Edinburgh
  18. Jamie Cooper-Higgins, Head of Marketing, Further
  19. Dr Kate Cowcher, Lecturer, University of St Andrews
  20. Dr Deval Desai, Lecturer in International Economic Law, University of Edinburgh
  21. Dr Emily Draper, Lecturer in Chemistry and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, University of Glasgow
  22. Dr Kieren Egan, Senior Research Fellow in Digital Health and Wellness, University of Strathclyde
  23. Mohamed Elsharkasi, PhD Candidate in Pharmacology, Glasgow Caledonian University
  24. Dr Catriona Fallow, Lecturer in Performance, University of the West of Scotland
  25. Dr Josie Fullerton, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Glasgow
  26. Dr Douglas Gibson, Royal Society and Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow, University of Edinburgh
  27. Euan Greig, Multi-disciplinary Programme Manager, Sweco UK
  28. Dr Fiona Heatlie, Head of Research Development & Partner Engagement College of Social Science, University of Glasgow
  29. Lewis Hou, Director, Education and Communities, Science Ceilidh
  30. Dr Sam Illingworth, Associate Professor in Academic Practice, Edinburgh Napier University
  31. Dr Joanne Ingram, Lecturer in Psychology, University of the West of Scotland
  32. Dr Manal Khatib, Associated Lecturer in Arabic, University of St Andrews
  33. Dr Jennifer Ann Lang Kirkwood, Bicentennial Education Fellow / Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
  34. Dr Lynn Love, Lecturer in Computer Arts, Abertay University
  35. Dr Simson McCreath, Senior Product Development Scientist, Terumo Aortic
  36. Dr Richard Middlemiss, Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow and Proleptic Lecturer in Quantum Engineering, University of Glasgow
  37. Paria Moazemi Goodarzi, Freelance Visual Artist and Public Art Practitioner, Self Employed
  38. Dr Juliano Morimoto, Lecturer, University of Aberdeen
  39. Dr Panna Muqit, Academic GP, University of St Andrews
  40. Dr Esther K. Papies, Reader in Psychology of Behaviour Change, University of Glasgow
  41. Lindsay Paterson, Head of Global Engagement, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
  42. Dr Amelia Penny, Research Fellow, University of St Andrews
  43. Dr Stavroula Pipyrou, Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology and Founding Director of the Centre for Minorities Research, University of St Andrews
  44. Savan Qadir, Research Assistant for UNESCO RILA, The University of Glasgow
  45. Dr Sandra Quinn, Health Services Research Manager, Myeloma UK
  46. Dr Louise Reid, Senior Lecturer in Geography & Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews
  47. Dr Tom Russ, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant Psychiatrist, University of Edinburgh
  48. Dr Sadie Ryan, UNESCO-RILA Lecturer in Languages and Intercultural Studies, University of Glasgow
  49. Dr Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir, Professor of Wireless Communications, University of the West of Scotland
  50. Professor Mona Simion, Professor of Philosophy, University of Glasgow
  51. Kimi Smith, Senior Policy Adviser – Fair Health Team, Health Inequalities Unit, Scottish Government
  52. Usman Tariq, Advocate, Faculty of Advocates
  53. Dr Andrew Tickell, Senior Lecturer in Law, Glasgow Caledonian University
  54. Dr Kavul Tshiloz, Systems Designer / Arch Engineer, Allegro MicroSystems Europe
  55. Dr Marta Vignola, Research Fellow in Engineering, University of Glasgow
  56. Dr Helen Wade, Marine Ornithology Advisor, NatureScot
  57. Dr Anne-Marie Weijmans, Reader in Astrophysics, University of St Andrews
  58. Dr Michelle Williams, Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh; Consultant Radiologist; Associated Director, BHF Data Science Centre
  59. Dr Mark Williams, Lecturer in Cell and Molecular Biology, Glasgow Caledonian University
  60. Dr Maarten Zwart, Lecturer in Neuroscience, University of St Andrews