The RSE’s Research Awards autumn 2023 programme opens today, providing funding opportunities for all academic disciplines, across all career stages.

Launched today are seven different research funding opportunities designed to support Scotland’s academics to realise their potential, stimulate research in Scotland, and promote international collaboration.

Running twice a year in spring and autumn, the deadline for this next open call is noon on Thursday 26 October 2023.

Supporting Scotland’s vibrant research sector will have a lasting benefit to the individuals and communities concerned and to broader society.

For further details of each of these schemes, eligibility, and how to apply, visit:

RSE Research AWARDS programme autumn 2023:

Designed to support personally conducted high-quality research by covering eligible costs arising from a defined research project.
Designed to encourage collaborations between disciplines and/or institutions to advance exploration of an important topic.
Facilitate international collaboration between researchers based in Scotland with researchers overseas.
SAPHIRE is a grant with the aim of enhancing the existing international research partnerships between Scottish universities and partners in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.
RSE International Bilateral Visits facilitate the collaboration between researchers from Scotland and those based in international institutions within countries with academies with which the RSE has a formal Memorandum of Understanding.
Strengthen co-operation between researchers and practitioners in Scotland and Ireland
Focus on a research project for up to 12 months, funding covers a temporary replacement to enable the awardee to take research leave.