At our recent Enterprise Fellowship event, the final cohort of entrepreneurs presented as they come to the end of their Fellowship, sharing the highlights of their entrepreneurial journey to date, and giving us an exclusive insight into their experiences and achievements.

Explore some of the presentations below:

Nicholas Furtak-Wells, NIQS Technology Ltd

A man smiling for the camera

Funder: RSE
Institution: University of Leeds

NIQS (Non-Invasive Quantum Sensing) Technology Ltd is developing next-generation optical sensors that will revolutionise sustainable diabetes management. Their unique sensing technology represents a significant step-change in both glucose monitoring and wider sensing applications, and it will enable people living with diabetes to accurately measure their glucose levels, without requiring blood samples or breaking the skin surface.

Charlotte Henderson, RevoNA

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Funder: BBSRC
Institution: University of Portsmouth

RevoNA aims to revolutionise this landscape with a unique patented platform that can generate an unprecedented amount of data wealth in this new therapeutic area and overcome existing limitations. Data wealth is the key to progressing the RNA therapeutic field. It enables the creation of robust AI algorithms, which we know from traditional drug discovery can lead to better success rates quicker and a cheaper discovery process. RevoNA can enable this for RNA and push the “druggable” RNA world into the next generation.

Charilaos Kourogiorgas, Atheras Analytics

A man wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Funder: STFC
Institution: STFC

The satellite telecommunications sector is going through a phase of major change in the delivery of consumer and enterprise broadband using High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS) which can deliver data rates of the order of 100 Gbps – 1 Tbps per satellite. To support these higher data rates, it is necessary to employ higher frequency bands, but these higher frequency bands are much more susceptible to atmospheric attenuation, and hence network outages, than those previously used. The use of these higher frequency bands requires the use of advanced network management techniques to manage these outages and provide acceptable levels of commercial service availability. Atheras Analytics has developed a portfolio of AI-based, SaaS-delivered network management software tools that enable the prediction, management and mitigation of these weather outages and enable operators to achieve their required network availability.

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