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How Does Theatre Happen, And Theatre Careers Develop?

Professor Ian Brown FRSE

In this talk, Ian Brown draws on over fifty years of experience as a theatre worker – playwright, manager, teacher and Arts Council Drama Director – to offer incredible insights into the realm of modern theatres. Prepare to peek behind the curtains and into the rehearsal room, all from a playwright’s perspective. You’ll uncover the exciting journey of bringing plays to life, from the initial spark of an idea to the dazzling final production. And if you’ve ever dreamed of a career in the theatre world, Ian’s will share the different career pathways for passionate young cultural minds.

Why bother with the arts? Creative writers and arts managers in social and economic development

Professor Ian Brown FRSE

This talk draws on the speaker’s extensive experience as a playwright whose work has been produced across the UK and abroad, his years in charge of publicly funded drama in England as Drama Director of the Arts Council of Great Britain (1986-94) and as an arts promoter north and south of the Border before and after that term of office. You’ll explore the ways in which the arts not only serve communities’ intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs, but have very real social and economic impact. It draws on case histories to explore how arts provision serves wider purposes in often unexpected ways.

Poetry Workshop On The Theme Of Energy Or Geoscience

Professor Patrick Corbett FRSE

Professor Corbett offers a one-hour poetry workshop on one of two themes: Energy or anthropocene. It will involve a short introductory explanation of either the RSE’s Recent Energy Futures June 2019 report and current lectricity/transport/heating sources (the energy challenges and options available) or a short talk on the geological record (referring to the geology of Dumfries and Galloway – the desert in Dumfries 250 million years ago!). In both cases these will be followed by a creative session writing poetry. So as not to expect students to have experience of poetry we would start by asking for their responses on either energy options or our likely effect on the geological record. Students might offer couplets which collectively could be moulded into poems. We would then work this up in an interactive session to produce a class poem – which they could all take home. The objective is to open their minds to the challenges we face as a society in energy and Sciences Expressive Arts our likely long-term impact on the planet.

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The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), offers free school talks, aimed at P6-S6, at any point during the school terms, either in person at your school or online.

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