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Past events

24 March 2021
Have you ever wondered about the exciting innovations coming out of the UK’s higher education sector?
17 December 2020
Join us as we gather experts to reflect on their roles in helping the public understand and tackle coronavirus this year.
11 December 2020
Join us as Kirsty Wark and Janey Godley explore the challenge of communicating ‘the science’ and public health advice during 2020
30 November 2020
The RSE’s Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission wants to examine the role of public debate and participation during the pandemic.
16 November 2020
Professor Dale Jamieson discusses the significance of how two of the most important risks of climate change are misunderstood.
11 November 2020
Join us online and see for yourself what life is like for small island communities, for a lively conversation and Q&A. This event is suitable for adults and interested young adults.
26 October 2020
An in-depth discussion to raise awareness of Scotland’s refugee and displaced migrant communities, and the impact of COVID-19
21 October 2020
Human mobility remains a major issue for societies and academia, in particular with respect to forced migration and labour mobility.
26 November 2020
The Royal Society of Edinburgh and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh explore the current plant extinction crisis.
17 September 2020
This online event highlights Global Mitochondrial Awareness Week 2020, sharing recent advances in mitochondria research.
07 August 2020
As Britain moves from the formal structures of Europe to the more informal this is an opportunity to reflect on the future of foreign policy and how best to address the issues that most concern us.
16 July 2020
Professor Niamh Nic Daéid explores the use of virtual reality in crime scenes, allowing expertise to be brought into the crime scene remotely.