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Past events

17 June 2019
Prostate cancer continues to pose considerable controversies, and to attract interest and attention from the public, the media, scientists and urologists alike. This presentation will take you through a journey of evidence-based knowledge, examining in turn the old, the new, the good, the bad and the future, in managing this common and ubiquitous disease.
05 June 2019
Professor Dame Ann Dowling explores the role of grand challenges in inspiring and driving progress in engineering.
30 May 2019
RSE/SCRR Peter Wilson Lecture 2019. In this prestigious lecture, Francesca Osowska sets out some challenges on how nature should be at the heart of decision making in rural Scotland.
29 May 2019
An opportunity to explore questions relating to the larger themes of Dame Mary’s Gifford Lectures on ‘The Ancient World and Us: from fear and loathing to enlightenment and ethics’.
08 May 2019
The RSE and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA) will be holding a Symposium focused on Norway-Scotland Waves and Marine Hydrodynamics.
28 April 2019
In her new book ‘All That Remains’, Professor Dame Sue Black FRSE approaches the subject of death with clarity, authenticity, humanity and humour. Join Professor Black in Dumfries to hear first hand, how forensic science has developed, and what her work has taught her.
16 April 2019
Part of the Edinburgh Science Festival’s programme; three high-profile women scientists discuss their personal experiences of being women in science.
16 March 2019
Join us to discover how colour is important to medicine, photography, marine science, fashion, forensics, chemistry and much more!
07 March 2019
Discussion event in partnership with the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE), examining the key challenges and opportunities facing the Scottish research base.
21 February 2019
‘Food for Thought’ brings together a panel of experts to explore food in a very contemporary context.
16 February 2019
‘The Art of Conversation’ brings together experts from various disciplines who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of how we talk to and with each other.
30 January 2019
Interdisciplinary learning (IDL) helps people to solve problems and tackle challenges that are beyond the scope of any single subject. The conference brought together thinkers, policy makers, teachers, lecturers and employers to explore this vital topic further.