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Past events

07 August 2020
As Britain moves from the formal structures of Europe to the more informal this is an opportunity to reflect on the future of foreign policy and how best to address the issues that most concern us.
16 July 2020
Professor Niamh Nic Daéid explores the use of virtual reality in crime scenes, allowing expertise to be brought into the crime scene remotely.
14 July 2020
In 2020 a global crisis, embodied in a tiny snippet of RNA, arrived on humanity’s doorstep. It required urgent, evidence-driven, well-coordinated, and cooperative social action on an unprecedented scale. It also required the decisive application of our best science and technology for pandemic control. Many of the most scientifically and technically advanced countries were not up to the task. Why?
09 July 2020
The second discussion in our Throwback Thursday series is led by Dr Senga Robertson-Albertyn, Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the University of Dundee, who will reflect on being awarded the prestigious RSE Innovators Prize for Public Engagement in recognition of her contribution to communicating science in a fun and interactive way – at the RSE’s Winter Lecture at Wallace High School for an audience of S3 pupils where Dr Robertson-Albertyn discussed what motivated her to become a scientist and the importance of scientific outreach work.
07 July 2020
Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google’s assistant are able to converse with humans using language. The underlying technology – often referred to as spoken dialogue systems – have experienced a revolution over the past decade, moving from being completely handcrafted to using data-driven machine learning methods.
02 July 2020
Professor Becky Lunn reflects on her inspirational talk from the RSE’s Women in Science – an exhibition highlighting some of the most talented leaders, thinkers and practitioners working in Scotland. Becky identified civil engineering’s vital role in improving sustainability, inspired by nature her research involved an alternative to concrete – which contributes around 8% of our global carbon emissions.
30 June 2020
Space exploration, Self-driving cars, Factories of the Future — robots are increasing taking on more autonomous roles but what is the right balance between human control and autonomy? What are the breakthrough technologies driving this disruption, what are its limitations and can they help define the new normal in our post COVID future?
23 June 2020
Pooja Jain explores how implementing AI in health and social care goes beyond developing the technologies – it’s about changing mindsets.
11 May 2020
RSE/SCRR Peter Wilson event. Young speakers from diverse backgrounds inspire us with their responses to the evidence on rural climate change.
04 May 2020
This event will discuss the broad range of ways in which space technology is used and how Scotland is helping lead the way in developing the space technologies of the future.
18 December 2019
The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) in association with the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) are hosting the launch of the special issue of Anti-Trafficking Review dedicated to Public Perceptions and Responses to Human Trafficking.
23 November 2019
Join us for a day of hands-on chemistry activities, engaging public talks and musical performances in celebration of the 150th birthday of the periodic table in this ‘Year of the Periodic Table’.