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Past events

29 April 2023
In this first instalment of our ‘Islands – past, present and future’ series, we are looking backwards to explore the exciting and complex past of the Scottish Islands.
28 April 2023
The first fossil dinosaur reported from Scotland was a single footprint found on the Isle of Skye in the 1980s. Join Professor Brusatte to explore fossils from the Hebrides.
30 March 2023
The term ‘dark matter’ has become a favourite of Sci-Fi, appearing in numerous books, TV shows and films. But what is it?
08 March 2023
Dr Adele Patrick takes us on a moving journey through some of the unique and surprising treasures within Glasgow Women’s
09 March 2023
Leading international commentator, Martin Wolf from the Financial Times, delivers a talk on the current global challenges facing the EU.
03 March 2023
With new technology, leadership styles, and access to education, where does that leave the future of higher education?
21 February 2023
A joint event bringing together Fellows and networks of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Academy of Medical Sciences for a day of conversation and collaboration.
27 February 2023
Dr Robert Traynham delivers an RSE signature event from Aberdeen on how leadership can help nourish diversity and inclusion.
02 February 2023
This hands-on workshop will have you walk a mile in a climate policy-maker’s shoes for a day facilitated by Peter McColl.
06 February 2023
This event provides a guide to the issues, what lies behind them and the main solutions that are under discussion.
08 February 2023
Join us at the Scottish Parliament to celebrate the role of Scottish research in tackling the Sustainable Development Goals.
15 December 2022
A discussion about the collaborative innovation landscape between Scotland and Switzerland.