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Past events

29 November 2023
How to think like Adam Smith? In Smith’s tercentenary year, Professor Adam Dixon takes on this question.
01 December 2023
Over the course of this century, cancer will become the leading cause of premature death worldwide. So how is the International Agency for Research on Cancer working towards “a world where fewer people develop cancer?”
14 December 2023
Professor Carrie Jenkins explore the age-old question: what is love really? What if your happy ever after… isn’t?
03 October 2023
How did the EU respond to Brexit and how has Brexit shaped today’s EU? This event brings together renowned observers to discuss these issues.
21 September 2023
This two day conference with the Botanical Society of Scotland of Scotland will present research on the topic of urban floras and biodiversity.
21 September 2023
The story of the University of Dundee’s Botanic Garden is one of transformation across time and function. Take a look at its 50 year history.
28 September 2023
Join us to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Johnson and Boswell’s iconic tour of Scotland in this evening of performance and discussion.
05 October 2023
The healthcare system in Scotland, as in all parts of the UK, is facing major challenges. So how can data and technology help.
04 September 2023
Get under the surface with Scotland’s leading experts! The Royal Society of Edinburgh’s flagship series, Curious, is back from 04-17 September.
08 August 2023
Sir Paul Nurse delivers an RSE signature event considering the question ‘What is life?’ by discussing five great ideas of biology.
23 May 2023
In 2023, the Scottish Consortium for Rural Research turns 75. We’ve asked thinkers of different generations to think about rural futures.
25 May 2023
As part of Falkirk Science Festival, celebrate some of the exceptional women scientists within the Fellowship at this panel event alongside the RSE’s Women in Science in Scotland exhibition.