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  • Sundial

    Analemma art: Illuminating science through sculpture

    Bridging art and science: exploring the Analemma Sculpture and its educational impact. Discover the fascinating intersection of art and science at our upcoming event featuring the Analemma Sculpture. This remarkable installation visually traces the sun’s path over a year, casting a unique shadow that vividly illustrates the Earth’s tilt and orbit and the sun’s angle…

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  • In-person

    Hormonal rebellion

    A group discussion for your rebellious hormonal stories. Hormones are curious. They connect the biological and the social; they are involuntary, but we can influence them. They are key to essential physiological processes and imbued with layers of social meaning. What we experience changes our hormones, and what our hormones do changes our experience. This…

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  • Binnoculars

    Pictures for two eyes: seeing the world differently

    Experience how our eyes can either coordinate or compete and unlock your own unique visual reality. In everyday life, we expect (and hope!) that our eyes work together as a team. But what do we see and what is revealed when we engage with them as two independent inputs? Can pictures for two eyes reveal…

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  • We need trees, but do trees need us?

    Humans need trees and forests. But do trees and forests need us? Or are we simply interfering with their natural processes? Humans need trees and forests. But do trees and forests need us? Or are we simply interfering with their natural processes? How are trees and forests adapting to climate change? How do human actions…

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  • Dr Sam Illingworth

    Bot or not

    Can you identify which poems have been created by AI and which have been created by humans? And does this differentiation really matter? Artistic endeavours—such as writing poetry—are often regarded as humanity’s unique (and even divine) gift, capable of expressing profound emotional depths. But can you distinguish between poetry penned by a human and that…

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  • Hybrid

    200 years of dinosaurs: shining new light on old bones

    How is dinosaur research changing? And why is Scotland at the forefront of palaeontology? A landmark year in palaeontology, 2024 marks the 200th anniversary of the first dinosaur to receive a formal scientific name (Megalosaurus) and the 40th anniversary of the first dinosaur fossil found in Scotland. Join University of Edinburgh professor Steve Brusatte FRSE…

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