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Past events

27 May 2021
We invite our At Risk Academic Refugee members back to discuss the influence and effects of having been painted and their experience over the last year living through this pandemic.
13 May 2021
How can technology work towards a just transition? A joint discussion with the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal Academy of Engineering.
10 May 2021
How can we design an economic recovery package that helps us emerge from the global pandemic while also addressing the climate emergency?
27 April 2021
Join the Presiding Officer, the Rt Hon Ken Macintosh MSP, as he reflects on the Scottish Parliament’s formative years, the changing political landscape, and the challenges that lie ahead.
24 April 2021
A free online discussion raising the issues of how science works; how data, evidence and science are communicated; and how the media decide what to cover.
13 April 2021
This hustings event will give the scientific community and members of the public the opportunity to quiz the political parties.
24 March 2021
Have you ever wondered about the exciting innovations coming out of the UK’s higher education sector?
11 March 2021
Are you a college or university student in Scotland and want to talk about your educational experience so far and what you hope to do next?
17 December 2020
Join us as we gather experts to reflect on their roles in helping the public understand and tackle coronavirus this year.
11 December 2020
Join us as Kirsty Wark and Janey Godley explore the challenge of communicating ‘the science’ and public health advice during 2020
30 November 2020
The RSE’s Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission wants to examine the role of public debate and participation during the pandemic.
26 November 2020
The Royal Society of Edinburgh and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh explore the current plant extinction crisis.