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Past events

02 December 2021
An artistic exploration of ways to communicate and connect around climate change.
18 November 2021
This interactive panel event will examine how climate action is understood and delivered on an individual level.
10 November 2021
A two-day conference to coincide with COP26, addressing scientific and policy-facing issues of blue carbon developments in the Global Climate Emergency.
28 October 2021
A two-day symposium discussing how climate change impacts human rights and what measures are needed to strengthen the rights of those affected.
27 October 2021
In 2011, the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) undertook a comprehensive and influential inquiry on climate change and the barriers
22 October 2021
Join Greyfriars Kirk, the RSE and other guests for a weekend of events that celebrate what happens when people seek knowledge and truth together.
06 October 2021
Join the RSE and the Scottish Centre of the Royal Meteorological Society for an online conference on the science and impact of climate change.
09 August 2021
All eyes are on Scotland’s leading thinkers, from 09-27 August, in this thought-provoking series of free online talks and intimate conversations.
28 June 2021
Discover the lesser-known aspects of Sir Walter Scott – details about his life, career and interests. Hosted by both the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) and the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (SoAoS).
28 June 2021
Social media has become hugely influential in today’s world. How can we ensure that people’s beliefs and decisions are based on facts rather than untruths?
27 May 2021
We invite our At Risk Academic Refugee members back to discuss the influence and effects of having been painted and their experience over the last year living through this pandemic.
13 May 2021
How can technology work towards a just transition? A joint discussion with the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal Academy of Engineering.