Wellbeing for wee ones

This panel will address what we mean by wellbeing for babies and toddlers. 

Children and young people’s mental health refers to the mental health of all children from conception onwards; however older children usually tend to be the focus. This panel will share their reflections on how we think, talk and address infant’s mental health (ages 0-3), considering how parents, carers and specialists can meet our very youngest ones’ needs.

We are bringing together experts with perspectives from art therapy, psychology and psychiatry to discuss questions like:

  • What are the features of early relationships that support babies’ wellbeing?
  • How do babies develop secure attachments, and what impact will this have on their life
  • And what support may we need to offer when relationships are having difficulties?

The event will be chaired by Professor Jeremy Smith FRSE, Senior Research Fellow and Professor Emeritus, University of Glasgow, Honorary Professor, University of St Andrews and Young People’s Programme Convener, the Royal Society of Edinburgh.


Thursday February 24th, 2022 16:30-17:30