Tertiary Education Futures — Roundtable

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Are you a college or university student in Scotland and want to talk about your educational experience so far and what you hope to do next? We’re looking for current learners to take part in a virtual discussion on Thursday, 11 March from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. as part of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and Young Academy of Scotland’s Tertiary Education Futures project.

The Tertiary Education Futures project aims to stimulate debate across a range of stakeholders and sectors and take a forward-looking and holistic approach to considering how the tertiary system is likely to evolve to keep pace with shifting societal expectations and demands, as well as changes to how we learn and use the educational system.

The focus of this first roundtable will be on the lived experiences of current learners and users of the tertiary education system and their views on the purpose, role, and value of tertiary education. We hope to capture a broad cross-section of learners across different programmes and backgrounds. Given that the roundtable is not looking to discuss the immediate impacts of COVID-19, it would be advantageous for learners to be in the later years of their programmes so that they will have had some experience with the system pre-pandemic. The roundtable will give participants an opportunity to share their experiences with the tertiary education system, such as why they chose their respective programmes, their views on the level of support they have received throughout their learning journeys, and what they hope to accomplish after they graduate. These insights will provide valuable real-world data that will then be used to inform further engagement work, refine project priorities, and develop key recommendations.

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Thursday March 11th, 2021 14:30-16:00