Hamish Henderson – A New Voice

11 November 2019 marked the centenary of the birth of Hamish Henderson, a man who personally accepted the surrender of Italy during WWII, won the Somerset Maugham Prize for Literature, was a prime mover in the founding of the School of Scottish Studies and influenced, quite directly, the course of 20th-Century history. His important influence has been acknowledged by figures such as Nelson Mandela, Eugenio Montale, Bob Dylan, Samuel Beckett and Pete Seeger.

Professor Fred Freeman provides an illustrated lecture of the life and work of Hamish Henderson, drawing enchanting musical examples from the singing of John Morran, a pre-eminent singer of the Scottish folk movement, and his own moving recitations.

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Dr Fred Freeman


Friday November 1st, 2019 19:00-20:45


The Royal Society of Edinburgh


Professor Fred Freeman