‘All That Remains’ – An Afternoon of Forensic Anthropology

RSE@ The Holywood Trust

Professor Dame Sue Black FRSE is one of the world’s leading forensic scientists. As a professor of Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology she confronts death every day – through the mortal remains in her lab, at scenes of violence and when investigating mass fatalities due to war, accident or natural disaster. Her expertise has been crucial to many high-profile criminal cases, and in 1999 she was the lead anthropologist for the British Forensic Team’s work in the war crimes investigations in Kosovo. Additionally, she was one of the first forensic scientists to travel to Thailand following the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 to provide assistance in identifying the dead.

In her new book All That Remains, she approaches the subject of death with clarity, authenticity, humanity and humour.

Join Professor Black to hear, first hand, how forensic science has developed, and what her work has taught her.

In addition to Professor Black’s talk, PhD students from the University of Dundee will display a range of forensic anthropology activities, including human/non-human bone identification, sex estimation, age estimation from the skeleton and from living individuals, trauma analysis, and other forms of identification including biometrics.

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Sunday April 28th, 2019 13:00-16:00


Easterbrook Hall