From the war on terror to the war for Ukraine

Professor Samuel Moyn delivers the RSE MacCormick event from a US perspective on how the war in Ukraine transformed public perception and mounted pressure to contain great power.

The posture of the West, weary of the ‘endless war’ on terror after twenty years, shifted dramatically in early 2022 in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This event will reflect from a US perspective on how the Russia-Ukraine war transformed public discourse and increased pressure to contain great-power war – bolstering it in some ways while setting it back in others.

“Great power” was initially used to describe the most influential powers in Europe during the post-Napoleonic era. Great powers are states with shared global interests, international influence and military strength to protect them from adversaries.

Professor Samuel Moyn teaches law and history at Yale University. He is the author of books on human rights, most recently Humane: How the Merged States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War.

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Professor Samuel Moyn

Professor Samuel Moyn
Chancellor Kent Professor of Law and History

Professor Samuel Moyn is Chancellor Kent Professor of Law and History at Yale University. He received a doctorate in modern European history from the University of California-Berkeley in 2000 and a law degree from Harvard University in 2001.

His areas of interest in legal scholarship include international law, human rights, the law of war, and legal thought, from both historical and current perspectives. In intellectual history, he has worked on a diverse range of subjects, especially twentieth-century European moral and political theory.

Samuel Moyn wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera


Wednesday November 30th, 2022 18:00-19:00