Constitutional futures for Scotland and the UK

Join this panel discussion to reflect on the challenges of Scottish devolution and the relationship with the rest of the UK.

Issues surrounding Scotland’s constitutional future continue to dominate and polarise Scottish politics and political debate. But the contested nature of the process – and especially the question of whether or not there could or should be an independence referendum – has crowded out meaningful discussion of the challenges facing devolution and Scotland’s relationship with the rest of the UK. 

To explore some of these challenges, the RSE is partnering with the UK in a Changing Europe, as well as the Institute for Government and Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge, as part of their review of the UK constitution, to host a panel discussion with key experts and commentators. There will be opportunities for the audience to pose questions and join the discussion.

The event will be in-person at the RSE from 18:00-19:30, with an audio recording made available later via the RSE website.


Kenny Farquharson
Columnist and Senior Writer, The Times


Professor Michael Keating FRSE
General Secretary, RSE

Professor Ailsa Henderson FRSE
Professor of Political Science, University of Edinburgh

Jess Sargeant
Senior Researcher, Institute for Government

Dr Philip Rycroft
Former senior Cabinet Office official

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Tuesday November 8th, 2022 18:00-19:30




Kenny Farquharson


Jess Sargeant
Dr Philip Rycroft