Banquet – seats 40 Boardroom – seats 22 Cabaret – seats 24 Reception – seats 60 Theatre – seats 40
Scott Room

This striking gold, multifunctional room offers an elegant historical backdrop suitable for a board meeting, a sophisticated dinner, or a canape reception.

As your guests enter through the impressive main staircase surrounded by portraits of Enlightenment greats, they’ll be greeted by antique furniture and large windows opening onto Edinburgh’s iconic George Street. This space also includes two additional adjoining rooms – perfect for a coffee station, a space for a private call, or acting as a separate entryway, as needed.

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  • Two adjoining spaces
  • Grand entryway
  • Large windows opening onto George Street
  • Period features and antique furniture

“The Scott Room is beautiful, it has plenty of space, is an easy location and the history and portraits fit perfectly with our annual ‘Enlightenment’ event.”

SVM Asset Management


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Seats 40

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Seats 22

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Seats 24

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Seats 60


Seats 40

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With balcony views looking out over Edinburgh’s historical skyline, this airy and classic room is filled with natural light. 
This grand gallery-style room boasts high ceilings and an impressive entryway. Lined with several historical paintings and busts, this elegant room is flexible and neutral, suitable for lectures, workshops, training and networking events.
This timeless and multifunctional room offers an elegant historical backdrop suitable for a board meeting, a sophisticated dinner, or a canape reception.
Once the Society’s library, our converted bright, air-conditioned lecture theatre creates the perfect atmosphere for learning.
A regal room with a warm palette and velvet wallpaper, the Kelvin room makes for an impressive meeting space or a sophisticated setting for an intimate sit-down dinner in the colder months.
A contemporary hall with a glass apex ceiling and wooden floorboards, this is a bright and energising space that provides contrast to some of the RSE’s classic architecture.
On the ground floor, directly off the grand entrance hall, the James Clerk Maxell Room provides a calm space, ideal for meetings, interviews, or seminars.
With its high ceiling and large window looking onto George Street, this bright and airy space creates an energising environment ideal for a productive seminar, workshop, or intimate meeting setting.
This large and neutral space has been designed to accommodate a range of functions, making it an ideal choice for activities requiring focus and floor space, from training courses and film screenings to examinations and exhibitions.
Step into this charming haven of knowledge and immerse yourself in the rich history and intellectual heritage of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
This contemporary and large space is designed to be flexible and functional, providing a neutral canvas for you to dress according to your event needs.