Bot or not

Can you identify which poems have been created by AI and which have been created by humans? And does this differentiation really matter? Artistic endeavours—such as writing poetry—are often regarded as humanity’s unique (and even divine) gift, capable of expressing profound emotional depths. But can you distinguish between poetry penned by a human and that…

Care in remote and island communities

Discover the unique experiences and innovative approaches in remote, rural, and island health and social care at our upcoming expert panel discussion.

Local knowledge, national impact

A joint event with the Scottish Government looking at how evidence is used in the third sector to inform policy and practice development.

The cost of being a woman

The cost-of-living crisis continues to control our finances, yet the impact is not felt equally. We bring a panel of experts to discuss.

Between the lines: Sir Ian Rankin interviews Damian Barr online premiere

Join us as we bring together two luminaries of the literary world for an insightful and thought-provoking conversation.

The hidden heroes of the economy: third sector’s impact

In the realm of economic strategies and business support programs, there exists a quiet and often overlooked hero – the third sector.

What is life? An evening with Sir Paul Nurse

Sir Paul Nurse delivers an RSE signature event considering the question ‘What is life?’ by discussing five great ideas of biology.

Returning the wildcat to Scotland

As part of the RSE investigates… conservation series, Dr Helen Senn will speak on ‘Returning the wildcat to Scotland – why it will take a community to save a species’ and will outline the steps taken over the last decade to place the wildcat back on a path to recovery.

What World Heritage Sites can do for you

As part of the RSE investigates… conservation series, Professor David Breeze will talk about conservation efforts and the Antonine Wall.

Conserving Scotland’s threatened invertebrrates

The RSE investigates… conservation series will explore the vast and varied work being done in the area, including through several innovative and exciting conservation projects in Scotland.

Cambodia: crocodiles, elephants and capacity

As part of the RSE investigates… conservation series, Dr Alex Ball will give a lecture on developing the first conservation genetics laboratory in Cambodia.

UK energy crisis: causes, effects and solutions in the Scottish context

This event provides a guide to the issues, what lies behind them and the main solutions that are under discussion.

Supporting collaboration of the Scottish and Swiss innovation ecosystems

A discussion about the collaborative innovation landscape between Scotland and Switzerland.

Government and industry: from Covid to climate

Sir Patrick Vallance is being honoured for his leadership on the Covid-19 vaccine rollout during the pandemic.

From the war on terror to the war for Ukraine

Professor Samuel Moyn delivers the RSE MacCormick lecture from a US perspective on how the war in Ukraine transformed public perception and mounted pressure to contain great power.

Community Action Against Climate Change

Community activists, RSE Fellows, and local policymakers share their reflections on community action against climate change.

Wellbeing for wee ones

This panel will address what we mean by wellbeing for babies and toddlers. 

Being and belonging – early years conference

The RSE’s early years conference will focus on placing the needs of children, their being and belonging, at the heart of early learning.