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Saltire Hospitality Ltd provides high-quality catering for the RSE venue and our customers.

An award-winning Edinburgh based catering company, Saltire Hospitality provides bespoke catering and hospitality service. They can carefully tailor a package to meet your specific requirements using the freshest Scottish produce, coupled with a seamless service.

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Staying in the area

We have corporate rates agreements with the following hotels, just ask for the Royal Society of Edinburgh corporate rate when booking:

Mode Edinburgh74–77 Queen Street
Mode EdinburghTel: 0131 357 6500
Email: Geeta Wilcox
Fraser Suites12, 26 St Giles Street
Fraser SuitesTel: 0131 221 7200
Email: Sales, Fraser Suites
InterContinental Edinburgh — The George19–21 George Street
InterContinental EdinburghTel: 0131 225 1251
Email: Edinburgh Reservations
Apex Waterloo Place23–27 Waterloo Place
Apex Waterloo PlaceTel: 0131 441 0485
Email: Sarah-Jane Smith
Eden Locke127 George Street
Eden LockeTel: 0131 526 4190
Email: Eden bookings
Le Monde16 George Street
Le MondeTel: 0131 270 3900
Email: Reception
Angel’s Share7–11 Hope Street
Angel’s ShareTel: 0131 247 7000
Email: Reception

Visitors’ advice and guidance


All visitors must be registered at either their event registration desk or by signing in at the RSE Reception. The event register will be required should we need to evacuate the building. Those signing in at the RSE Reception must sign out again when leaving the premises.

Please note the RSE is not responsible for any belongings left unattended or in the cloakroom, items are left at the delegates own risk.

Health and safety

All visitors are required to comply with the RSE Health and Safety policy. The RSE Health & Safety Manual containing this policy is available at the RSE Reception.

Covid-19 guidelines

To effectively manage those arriving at the RSE we are asking event organisers to liaise closely with their attendees to ensure arrival times are carefully managed. This will ensure that the number of delegates registering for their event is evenly paced in accordance with our 1-meter distancing policy.

Ensuring delegates and visitors are informed will prevent inconveniencing when they arrive preventing unavoidable delays and long queues on George Street, since you will have planned your arrival to meet our covid attendance policy and it will ensure the reception is not overwhelmed and the foyer overrun.

Once delegates have registered, they should move swiftly to the meeting room to ensure we maintain the necessary 1- meter spacing.

As you enter the building, kindly make your way to the reception for the following:

  • To scan the NHS Track and Trace barcode. If you do not have this app on your phone, please kindly speak to one of the reception team who will take your name and telephone number.
  • For any reasonable adjustments or assistance, you may require or need.
  • If you have an appointment with one of the RSE teams.
  • You have a delivery, or you are a contractor appointed by the RSE to carry out work on our behalf.

Like arrival we respectfully ask all event organisers and visitors to vacate the building swiftly, this will ensure that our safe space policy is maintained. You are asked to encourage your delegates to depart and to avoid having extended conversations in corridors, on staircases and in the front hall area of the building.

If you have booked food and beverages for your event you must liaise with our Venue Manager on how and where this will be served. We are following strict food safety procedures in accordance with Saltire Hospitality.

Teas and Coffee

We will agree on how your tea and coffee will be served prior to your event to ensure maximum safety.

Buffet Food

Delegates will not be permitted to mingle in small clusters around the buffet table or in the main buffet area. We will agree on the service process with you to ensure the flow of delegates collecting food accords to our social distancing policy.

Facemasks must be worn in public areas unless for reasons of medical or other permitted exemption. We are following the Scottish Government Guidance which can be found on the Scottish Government website.

If you arrive at the RSE without a face covering please call reception on 0131 240 5000 or 07787405210 and one of our team will bring a face covering to you before you enter the building, and as such unless exempt kindly wait outside until one of our team has issued you with a facemask. View the full list of exemptions.

Complimentary hand sanitiser is provided and is located throughout the building. You will find an automatic dispenser at the entrance of the building which you are respectfully asked to use before you enter the building.

We are continuing to adopt Hands, Face, Space. We are therefore continuing to have a 1-meter distance rule in place which will be reviewed at Christmas. You will see many posters around the building to ensure you know what to do to help you and everyone stay safe.

Considering our 1-meter distancing rule please ensure you adopt this throughout your stay with us and note all areas and seats marked with a X. Wherever you see this sign please refrain from using.

If your host or event organiser has provided food and beverage facilities for your party you must ensure you follow the procedure including any one-way system which may operate and be in place for your event, ensuring you maintain 1-meter distancing.

Please do not enter the RSE building if you or sometime in your household appear to have symptoms such as:

  • A high temperature (above 38.5°) although you do not have to take your temperature but if you feel hot when you touch your chest or back.
  • A new, continuous cough which means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours. Or if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual.
  • A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. You may notice you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal.

 In accordance with current rules on ‘touch’ we continue to ask everyone attending the RSE to refrain from hugging and shaking hands as this is not permitted to control infection.

The RSE has completed relevant risk assessments and control of infection health and safety documents for employees so they can help protect themselves and you when you visit us.

Our Evacuation procedures remain the same. Our Fire evacuation point is the Dome next door on George Street.

For first aid assistance please contact reception on 0131 240 5000 or 07787405210. We are following the HSE guidelines which can be found at the Health and Safety Executive website.

The windows in our meeting rooms will be open to allow air to circulate. As the colder days approach visitors may wish to wear additional clothing.

Follow the Scottish Government Guidelines for all matters pertaining to travel and self-isolating especially if you are travelling to us from overseas or you have recently travelled abroad.

If you start to feel unwell whist at the RSE and those symptoms are synonymous with coronavirus, please telephone reception as you vacate the building. Similarly, and in addition to informing NHS track and trace, you must inform the RSE if you become unwell or test positive for coronavirus within 10 days of visiting us.

Reception is available Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:00 and can be contacted on 0131 240 5000 or 07787405210. Please call them if you need assistance or have a question which is not covered in our guidelines.

First aid

For first aid assistance contact the RSE Reception who will summon one of our first aid team to assist. An accident book is located at the RSE Reception and should be completed for each incident, no matter how minor.

Venue accessibility

It is the responsibility of event organisers and chairpersons of meetings to alert us of any access needs and ensure that the needs of visitors with a disability are met. We have the following facilities available for visitors with access needs:

Wheelchair access with or without assistance

  • A ramped access for wheelchair users is at 26 George Street. Please ring the bell to alert Reception to your presence or, alternatively, ring 0131 240 5000 for help if needed.
  • The ramp is accessible all day and on nights of events.
  • If you have mobility impairment difficulties but are able to go up some steps, the building’s main entrance is via 22 George Street. Rails are available on both sides of the staircase (5 steps).
  • The main passenger lift accommodates a powered wheelchair which will enable access to most Society Rooms. Visitors using smaller wheelchairs can also gain access to the Kelvin and Wellcome West rooms via the smaller lift.
  • If your wheelchair is any wider than 76cm please contact the front of house manager for further guidance on access/dimensions in the building
  • The RSE has its own wheelchair which delegates can use when appropriate i.e. in the case that a person’s wheelchair is too wide we can offer the choice to be transferred to the RSE wheelchair.
  • Should you wish to transfer from your wheelchair into a standard seat, please do let us know.
  • All rooms in the building are wheelchair accessible with the exception of the Lower Gallery.
  • A unisex disabled toilet is available on the Ground Floor, beside the main lift.
  • There is no disabled parking space available on George Street, but taxis and cars may pull and park for a short period of time in front of the entrance of the building.
View our venue wheelchair access dimensions

Facilities for people with visual impairment

  • Guide dogs are welcome throughout the building. Seats are normally not allocated but if you attend an event in the Lecture Theatre and wish to sit at the aisle, please contact us for provisions to be made.
  • For RSE events, our programme of events may be available upon request in large print or Braille, please contact the Events Team for more information. For external events, it is the responsibility of the organiser to arrange this.

Facilties for people with hearing impairment

  • An Induction loop is fitted in the Lecture theatre and Reception. Please remember to use the “T” switch on hearing aids.
  • We will take all reasonable steps to provide additional facilities and help if required. When required, please contact RSE staff through RSE Reception.