Following a hiatus during Covid-19 restrictions, we are pleased to announce the Cross Party Group on Science and Technology are reconvening on Tuesday 7 September.

The theme of the meeting is climate change mitigation technologies in the context of COP26 and will feature six short presentations on a range of technologies and how they are contributing to mitigating the impacts of climate change. Following these presentations, there will be the opportunity for a more substantive discussion of the technologies mentioned, and any cross-cutting issues/ideas raised.

The presentations will be held by:

  • Simon Andrews, Fraunhofer UK presenting on Wind Farms;
  • Tim Hurst, Wave Energy Scotland presenting on Wave Energy;
  • Professor Derek Stewart, James Hutton Institute presenting on Vertical Farming;
  • Professor Zoe Shipton FRSE, University of Strathclyde presenting on The Role of the Subsurface in Reaching Net Zero;
  • Professor Bill Sloan FRSE, Glasgow University presenting on Water Treatment Technologies;
  • Clare Reid, SCDI presenting on Climate Tech – Innovation Critical Report;
For more information and to register to attend, please contact Alfie Gaffney, Policy Advice Officer.