Blog| 01/12/2022
Professor Fiona Macpherson explores perceptual diversity and introduces The Perception Census.
Blog| 29/03/2022
Professor Mark Woolhouse asks were Covid-19 lockdowns really the best course of action? Justified at the time as the best way to save lives.
Blog| 01/03/2022
Professor Anne Magurran FRSE calls to protect and restore Scotland's biodiversity.
Blog| 15/02/2022
Professor Ian Jackson on the genetics of ginger hair. The further north you were born, the more likely you are to have red hair.
Blog| 01/02/2022
Professor Sean Mckee FRSE writes about how we are constantly surrounded by applied mathematical models every day, even if we don't know it.
Blog| 28/01/2022
Professor Devi Sridhar looks to the prevention of future pandemics and a coalition built on preparedness and innovation.
Blog| 17/01/2022
Professor Malcolm Macdonald explains the threat 'zombie' satellites pose on the space industry and economy.
Blog| 03/01/2022
Professor Mike Benton OBE discusses the new research that is helping shed fresh light on long-extinct species like dinosaurs.
Blog| 21/12/2021
Jan Webb and Professor Becky Lunn explore the future of domestic energy to achieve our net-zero ambitions.
Blog| 06/12/2021
Professors Philippa Saunders FRSE and Andrew Horne FRSE discuss how wearable tech could help improve the lives of those suffering from endometriosis.
Blog| 13/09/2021
Professor Clive Badman OBE details new proposals in the manufacturing process of medicines that could help solve future supply shortages.
Blog| 17/07/2021
Emojis are now an endemic part of many – most – people’s lives, yet the modern digital emoji has only been around since the late 1990s.