Blog| 21/07/2023
Professor Chris Quine considers how woodlands can provide for future generations while responding to the climate and biodiversity crises and the needs of society.
Blog| 19/07/2023
Financial services post-Brexit; Rebecca Christie remarks that the UK still expects preferential treatment, while the EU demands reciprocity.
Blog| 05/07/2023
Graham Bishop argues that three years after leaving the EU, the UK finance sector still awaits the promised gains.
Blog| 21/06/2023
Professor Rebecca Kay discusses policy options for Scotland to increase inward migration and boost economic growth and diversity.
Blog| 16/06/2023
Professor Raffaella Ocone stresses that collaboration between the UK and EU is vital for successful energy transition and reaching Net Zero goals.
Blog| 13/06/2023
There is still time to act in ways that will protect natural ecosystems, but solutions require a more nuanced understanding, argues Professor Anne Magurran
Blog| 12/06/2023
Professor Mehul Malik highlights the research making quantum leaps toward more secure communications.
Blog| 06/06/2023
Professor Graeme Ackland highlights the debate around claims of room-temperature superconductivity breakthroughs.
Blog| 02/06/2023
Professor Sergi Pardos-Prado discusses the challenges of implementing a bespoke Scottish immigration policy.
Blog| 26/05/2023
Tackling energy security and net zero targets, Professor Peter Cameron on the importance of collaboration with the EU on energy policies.
Blog, Podcast| 17/05/2023
Professor Isla Myers-Smith highlights the issue of climate change on tundra ecosystems.
Blog| 12/05/2023
As part of the RSE Scotland-Europe Initiative Professor Sarah Hall discusses Brexit and ‘missing’ financial services jobs in Scotland.