The RSE has published its annual report for the session April 2021–March 2022.

The report contains forewords from the President, Professor Sir John Ball, and the General Secretary, Professor Michael Keating, along with information on how the RSE has continued in its mission of ‘knowledge made useful’ through the Programmes; achievements throughout the year, and a summary report on Finance and Governance.

2021–2022: A snapshot

Welcomed 87 new Fellows (one Honorary, seven Corresponding and 79 Ordinary) to join our 1800+ leading thinkers and experts from Scotland and around the world.

A new President, Professor Sir John Ball and new Office-Bearers elected

Being and belonging early years conference hosted by RSE Education Committee, with 338 practitioners from across the early years sector in attendance.

Curious 2021 comprised 40 events with 130 speakers, and with an 86% increase in registrations and a 92% increase in attendees compared to 2020.

Launched the Celtic Academies Alliance together with the Learned Society of Wales and the Royal Irish Academy, with a focus on informing higher education and research policy.

Recognised excellence and supported leading research by reviewing over 700 awards applications and applications, making over 200 research awards worth £3.37m.

Successful partnership events held on the climate emergency; fake news and false scientific information, and a human rights and climate change symposium.

Promoted Scotland’s reputation in research, innovation and culture through international collaborations with 26 other national academies, high-profile roundtables and developing a partnership with the African Academy of Sciences.

11 prestigious RSE medals awarded to eminent researchers in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contribution to their fields.

Published the RSE Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission recommendations and key learnings, continuing policy and public engagement activities.

Shetland Space series delivered ten school talks in Shetland on the theme of space.

Eight Enterprise Fellowships awarded, supporting academic entrepreneurs to develop their business over a 12 month period.