Let’s talk about the future of tertiary education. Join us in exploring the evolving landscape of tertiary education, where we seek to uncover innovative approaches, identify potential challenges, and envision a brighter and more inclusive future for education on a global scale.

Throughout the series, we bring in thought leaders and practitioners who will share their valuable perspectives and experiences on a wide range of themes: from digital transformation and AI to collaboration in the tertiary sector, from skills development to the Sustainable Development Goals. This podcast builds upon the insights from two years of work by the Tertiary Education Futures project. These conversations aim to encourage thought-provoking discussions, spark new ideas, and inspire fresh approaches that can shape the future of tertiary education.

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The Research Excellence Framework, often regarded as the formidable arbiter of research prowess, stands as a behemoth in the British educational landscape. Despite its undeniable prominence, it is not impervious to critique
Dr Mhairi Stewart sheds light on the evolving landscape of knowledge exchange and the benefits of public engagement for all.
We embark on an exploration of the multifaceted relationship between the tertiary education system and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Digital skills and technologies offer immense opportunities that continue to shape our society, careers, and daily lives. How do we upskill our workforce to meet new challenges?
In a rapidly changing world with shifting societal values, AI, and complex global challenges, the need for ethical leadership transcends traditional boundaries and extends beyond research and education.
Everyone should have access to higher education. Dr Neil Speirs advocates a ‘pedagogy of hope’ for empowering students, addressing classism, and fostering inclusivity.
Let’s talk about the future of tertiary education.

About the Tertiary Education Futures project

The Tertiary Education Futures project was created by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) and the Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) as a ‘blue-skies’ thought experiment, informed by sectoral views gathered through a series of investigative roundtables. It aims to stimulate continued creative thinking about how post-school education might evolve over the next few decades and what this means for learners and society.