Podcast| 11/10/2023
The Research Excellence Framework, often regarded as the formidable arbiter of research prowess, stands as a behemoth in the British educational landscape. Despite its undeniable prominence, it is not impervious to critique
Podcast| 04/10/2023
Dr Mhairi Stewart sheds light on the evolving landscape of knowledge exchange and the benefits of public engagement for all.
Podcast| 27/09/2023
We embark on an exploration of the multifaceted relationship between the tertiary education system and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Podcast| 20/09/2023
Digital skills and technologies offer immense opportunities that continue to shape our society, careers, and daily lives. How do we upskill our workforce to meet new challenges?
Blog| 26/09/2023
Degrees, and indeed all forms of tertiary education, are evaluated by the extent to which they lead to jobs. British Prime
Podcast| 13/09/2023
In a rapidly changing world with shifting societal values, AI, and complex global challenges, the need for ethical leadership transcends traditional boundaries and extends beyond research and education.
Podcast| 06/09/2023
Everyone should have access to higher education. Dr Neil Speirs advocates a 'pedagogy of hope' for empowering students, addressing classism, and fostering inclusivity.
Podcast| 30/08/2023
Let's talk about the future of tertiary education.
Blog| 26/07/2023
Scotland leads the way in promoting a tertiary education system. What do we need in securing a prosperous future for learners & society?
Blog| 19/07/2023
Professor Victoria L. O'Donnell explores the growth and challenges of online universities, emphasizing the need to redefine perceptions and value of online degrees amidst a competitive and evolving educational landscape.
Blog| 05/06/2023
Alexa Green reflects on their transition within higher education and shares her thoughts on the future of tertiary education.
Video| 03/03/2023
With new technology, leadership styles, and access to education, where does that leave the future of higher education?