Video| 25/04/2023
Why do have a problem with the UK constitution?
Blog| 16/03/2023
Is there a way to break the constitutional deadlock in Scotland, a path forward that could unite pro-independence and pro-UK parties and supporters?
Blog| 23/03/2023
Prof Jim Gallagher on the Brown Commission's substantial constitutional change, which lies on the horizon for an incoming labour government.
Blog| 02/03/2023
Scots are increasingly polarised around issues of sovereignty, which have become central to contemporary Scottish politics.
Blog| 23/02/2023
What checks and processes might be necessary to manage the Anglo-Scottish border in the event of independence in the EU?
Blog| 09/02/2023
In a system of fiscal devolution, where should the balance of financial risk lie: with the UK government or the devolved institutions?  
Blog| 16/02/2023
An independent Scotland would have two viable currency choices: continued use of £GBP or the establishment of a new Scottish currency.
Blog| 09/03/2023
Five examples of how public opinion data can help us to understand Scottish constitutional attitudes.