Podcast| 08/11/2022
This panel discussion reflects on the challenges of Scottish devolution and the relationship with the rest of the UK.
Podcast| 12/08/2022
Eve Poole, Chief Executive of the RSE, is in conversation with one of the world’s best-known crime writers and creator
Podcast| 12/04/2022
Listen to a thought-provoking discussion chaired by Nick Fraser between Louisa Harvey, Dr Andy Kerr FRSE, and Joan Lawrie discussing how climate change continues to expose further inequalities within our society and their experience working together with local authorities and communities to enact solutions to tackle those challenges in an affordable, community-focused and sustainable way.
Podcast| 21/12/2021
What currency might be used in an independent Scotland? Listen to Professor Sir John Kay FRSE review of the various possibilities for Scotland.
Podcast| 28/10/2021
Professor Chris van der Kuyl FRSE brings together a panel of experts and young people to discuss the effects of digital communications over lockdown.