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Robyn Marsack FRSE
Victoria Crowe FRSE
Christine De Luca

This event was part of the RSE’s summer events programme, Curious.
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An illustrated conversation between artist Victoria Crowe FRSE and poet Christine De Luca.

Another Time, Another Place was an exhibition of 12 paintings by the artist Victoria Crowe made throughout 2020 in response to our changed world and to the year-long disruption to her artistic practice due to illness and recovery. The intense visual images engendered by these experiences were further explored when the Shetlandic poet Christine De Luca began to respond to them with a series of poems. So began a discussion and interchange of ideas between the two women.

This collaborative venture reflects on our changed circumstances, on the search for meaning and transcendence and acknowledges the fragility of our interconnected ecology.

The resulting book  Another Time, Another Place was published by The Scottish Gallery. Now the collaboration has become the springboard for a musical response, courtesy of the Michael Cuddigan Trust.

Image credit: Kenneth Gray


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