The Brexit Debate

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Event recordings from a series of public events held by the RSE, the Centre on Constitutional Change and UK in a Changing Europe, ahead of the 2016 Brexit referendum.

The events brought together a panel of experts for a discussion of the key issues in the debate on the UK and Europe.

Chaired by Peter Jones, freelance business and economics journalist.


  • Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli FRSE, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow.
  • Professor Ronald MacDonald OBE, Professor of Macroeconomics and International Finance at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow.
  • Professor Charles Nolan FRSE, Bonar-MacFie Chair of Political Economy, University of Glasgow.

Chaired by Ken MacDonald, BBC Scotland.


  • Professor David Bell CBE FRSE, Professor of Economics, University of Stirling.
  • Richard Brodie, Edinburgh Europa Insitute, School of Social & Political Science, University of Edinburgh.
  • Professor Christina Boswell FRSE, University of Edinburgh.

Chaired by Sir Muir Russell KCB DL FRSE


  • Professor Neil Walker FBA, FRSE, University of Edinburgh.
  • Professor Michael Keating FBA, FRSE, University of Aberdeen.
  • Professor Iain McLean FBA, FRSE, Nuffield College, Oxford.
  • Dr Tobias Lock, University of Edinburgh.


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