Scotland’s Jurassic Park

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Professor Steve Brusatte delivers a talk on, ‘Scotland’s Jurassic Park: dinosaurs, pterodactyls, and other fossils from the Hebrides?’ at the ‘Islands – past’ conference.

During this first installment of our tri-part ‘Islands – past, present and future’ series, we are looking backwards to explore the exciting and complex past of the Scottish Islands. We revisited the places and people whose stories have contributed to our conceptualisation of and relationship with the Isle of Skye and Scotland’s islands more widely.

Steve Brusatte, PhD, is an American paleontologist who teaches at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. He is a specialist on the anatomy, genealogy, and evolution of dinosaurs, and for a decade has led fieldwork expeditions to Skye and other Hebridean islands to search for Jurassic-aged fossils. He is the author of the international bestseller The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs and The Rise and Reign of the Mammals, and was the palaeontology consultant for Jurassic World: Dominion. He has named more than 20 new species, including the tyrannosaur “Pinocchio rex” (Qianzhousaurus), the raptor Zhenyuanlong, and the Skye pterosaur (pterodactyl) Dearc.


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