Scotland and the isles in the early modern period

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Dr Alison Cathcart delivers a talk on, ‘The scattered isles in the polar ocean?’ Scotland and the isles in the early modern period?’ at the ‘Islands – past’ conference.

During this first installment of our tri-part ‘Islands – past, present and future’ series, we are looking backwards to explore the exciting and complex past of the Scottish Islands. We revisited the places and people whose stories have contributed to our conceptualisation of and relationship with the Isle of Skye and Scotland’s islands more widely.

Dr Cathcart’s work focuses on communities that exist at the interface of land and sea, in regions often regarded as ‘peripheral’ to mainstream political, social, and economic development during the early modern period. She has recently completed a monograph on plantation across the North Channel region, and is now focused on insular communities within the archipelago with a particular focus on maritime matters and customary legal practices, with a focus on who owns what in the inter-tidal region.


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