Pabay, Skye: a reflective odyssey

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Professor Christopher Whatley, FRSE delivers a talk on, ‘Pabay, Skye: a?reflective odyssey through a small island’s past’ at the ‘Islands – past’ conference.

During this first installment of our tri-part ‘Islands – past, present and future’ series, we are looking backwards to explore the exciting and complex past of the Scottish Islands. We revisited the places and people whose stories have contributed to our conceptualisation of and relationship with the Isle of Skye and Scotland’s islands more widely.

Professor Christopher Whatley OBE, FRSE, has written on a wide range of Scottish historical topics. These include book-length histories of the salt industry and Scotland’s industrial revolution, as well as challenging studies of Scottish society during this period. He is best known for his award-winning book and papers on the Union of 1707, and for his study of the legacy of the national poet Robert Burns. His most recent book is his acclaimed Pabay: An Island Odyssey (Birlinn, 2019), which is in part a personal account (but also a serious history) of a small island where he spent much of his boyhood.


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