Growing tomorrow’s dinner – should GM be on the table?

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Almost a third of people feel that the risks of GM crops outweigh the benefits and most do not feel informed about them. Do we need to take another look at technologies such as GM to see if they can offer solutions to the global challenge of food security? Part of a series of similar events being held around the UK at the time, aimed at providing information from an expert panel about genetic modification and offering an opportunity to debate and raise questions.

In an era of global warming and rapid population growth, the issue of GM is of immense importance in the search for food security and secure, sustainable sources of food for the world.


Vice-Principal for Development, University of Aberdeen
Nick von Westenholz
Chief Executive, Crop Protection Association
Stephen Tindale
Climate and Energy Policy Consultant and former Director of Greenpeace UK
Professor Jim Dunwell
Professor of Plant Biotechnology, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, University of Reading

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