Cures and curiosities in arthritis – towards a brighter future?

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Sir James Black Prize Lecture 2015

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Professor Iain McInnes FRSE FMedSci discusses the critical interface between clinical medicine and drug discovery that, appropriately harnessed, can transform the lives of people with these debilitating diseases.

Care and curiosity are intimately linked, according to Professor McInnes, who is a staunch believer in doing research in tandem with being a practising physician. His talk emphasised the rapid progress that has taken place in arthritis treatment in recent decades, thanks to the constant questioning and curiosity of researchers.

Many advances have resulted from an increasingly sophisticated appreciation that immune systems adapt and change; that organs require different immune responses; and of the differences whereby immunity can contribute between diseases. These, and a growing understanding of how to target inflammatory illnesses, are opening the way for personalised medicine.


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