What is a Just Transition and how do we achieve it?

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Professor Jim Skea CBE FRSE
Professor Camilla Toulmin FRSE
Tea and Talk with the RSE
Tea and Talk with the RSE
What is a Just Transition and how do we achieve it?

To close Series 5 of Tea and Talk with the RSE, we chat with Professor Jim Skea and Professor Camilla Toulmin about the road to a Just Transition to net-zero.

Jim is Professor of Sustainable Energy at Imperial College London, co-chair of Working Group III (Mitigation) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a former member of the UK Committee on Climate Change and chaired Scotland’s Just Transition Commission.

Camilla is Senior Associate, Climate Change, International Institute for Environment and Development and Professor in Practice at the University of Lancaster. She is a Senior Fellow at the Africa-Europe Foundation, with responsibility for Sustainable Energy and Agri-food systems, an Associate at the Institute for New Economic Thinking and has spent 40 years’ work at the interface between environment and development, spanning local and global scales.

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