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Tertiary Education Futures
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Professor Anne Anderson FRSE
Professor Sandro Carnicelli
Peter McColl
Dr Neil Speirs
Professor Edwin Constable
Dr Mhairi Stewart FRSE
Dr Iain Donald
Ian Ritchie FRSE
Loral Quinn
Professor Lorna Dawson FRSE
The future of tertiary education
The future of tertiary education
The future of tertiary education trailer

Let’s talk about the future of tertiary education. Join us in exploring the evolving landscape of tertiary education, where we seek to uncover innovative approaches, identify potential challenges, and envision a brighter and more inclusive future for education on a global scale.

Throughout the series, we bring in thought leaders and practitioners who will share their valuable perspectives and experiences on a wide range of themes: from digital transformation and AI to collaboration in the tertiary sector, from skills development to the Sustainable Development Goals. This podcast builds upon the insights from two years of work by the Tertiary Education Futures project. These conversations aim to encourage thought-provoking discussions, spark new ideas, and inspire fresh approaches that can shape the future of tertiary education.


RSE, Vice-President Research
Professor of Tourism and Leisure Studies, University of the West of Scotland.
Senior Associate, Consultation Institute in Scotland
Widening Participation Manager, University of Edinburgh
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, University of Basel
Head of Berlin School of Public Engagement, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin.
Lecturer, Applied Informatics, Edinburgh Napier University
Chairman, Tern plc, and Krotos Ltd
Former chief executive, Code Clan
Head of Centre for Forensic Soil Science, James Hutton Institute


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Professor Anne Anderson 0:00
This is Professor Anne Anderson. I’m Vice President for Research at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Professor Sandro Carnicelli 0:05
This is Professor Sandro Carnicelli, Professor of Tourism and Leisure Studies at the University of the West of Scotland.

Peter McColl 0:11
This is Peter McColl, Senior Associate for the Consultation Institute in Scotland and a Young Academy of Scotland alumnus.

Professor Anne Anderson FRSE 0:17
Podcast series discussing the future of tertiary education,

Professor Sandro Carnicelli 0:21
discussing the future of tertiary education

Peter McColl 0:24
podcast series discussing the future of tertiary education.

Professor Anne Anderson FRSE 0:27
Today’s topic will explore:

Peter McColl 0:29
the research excellence framework and the other key performance indicators as well as alternative ways to evaluate success in tertiary education,

Professor Sandro Carnicelli 0:36
ethical leadership in tertiary education,

Professor Anne Anderson 0:39
for widening participation, and in particular the role of solidarity in the education sector,

Peter McColl 0:45
digital technologies and AI

Professor Sandro Carnicelli 0:47
public engagement, impact and ethical challenges

Professor Anne Anderson FRSE 0:50
on the link between tertiary education and the Sustainable Development Goals,

Speaker 3 0:55
the beautiful idea of lifelong learning that sometimes maybe after school, it’s not the right thing for you. And that’s perfectly okay maybe years later, that might be something that you’ll be reconsidered.

Ed Constable 1:03
We trained scientists to do science, we don’t do a very good job at training them to communicate outside their discipline,

Dr Mhairi Stewart 1:10
public engagement used to be a tool for research. And I think it’s now become both the tool but also a field of research.

Professor Anne Anderson FRSE 1:19
The project aims to stimulate creative thinking about how post school education might evolve over the next few decades.

Loral Quinn 1:27
If we don’t have diverse products and services in industry, if we don’t have diverse teams, we’re not creating those diverse products and services. So we’re under serving half the population essentially, by having products and services that are not built by a diverse team,

Dr Iain Donald 1:43
the vast majority of really interesting research breaks disciplines.

Professor Lorna Dawson 1:47
We need more collaboration across universities, colleges, and institutions to help achieve that freedom of thought and develop clever ways to achieve the SDGs.

Professor Anne Anderson 1:59
So please keep talking about the future of tertiary education. Until next time, goodbye.