Professor Russell Morris FRSE outlines the recent Science and the Parliament event, showing politicians what actions are needed to tackle climate change.
The Winter 2021 edition of ReSourcE turns to the ever-accelerating field of innovation in health as the primary focus. We hear from experts and leading thinkers within the Fellowship and Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) on the use of new technology in healthcare, as well as innovation in emerging practices across the health sector.
Jim Fairbairn OBE FRSE explains the government policies needed to support businesses and help them prosper post-Covid-19.
This event discusses the recommendations and key learning with Humza Yousaf MSP and Commission members at the SNP Party Conference 2021.
Professor Jim Skea and Professor Camilla Toulmin explore the road to a Just Transition to net-zero and how do we achieve it.
Professor Sir Ian Boyd FRSE describes how Covid-19 has shown how businesses must increase their resilience to survive potential crises.
Professors Philippa Saunders FRSE and Andrew Horne FRSE discuss how wearable tech could help improve the lives of those suffering from endometriosis.
This event considered current and future impacts of climate change, including temperatures and storms, heatwaves and food production.
RSE Fellows Professor Maggie Gill and Professor Colin Campbell consider land use and climate change.
Caroline Gardner CBE, Chair of the Inclusive Public Service working group writes about the benefits of social prescribing.
Examining how is climate action understood and delivered on an individual level.
Hear from RSE Fellows Professor Gordon Masterton and Professor Iain Docherty about transport, mobility and what net-zero means in practice.