Health has been on all our minds in the past year and longer. Watch this discussion about various scientific findings on “Brain Health”.
This discussion shares the latest thinking on this difficult condition that affects one in ten women in the UK, and at treatments therapies.
Professor Andy Kerr discusses how focussing on solving inequalities in society can inadvertently help tackle climate change issues | Face the Facts
Future energy demand is likely to increase due to climate change, but the magnitude depends on many interacting sources of uncertainty.
A discussion on the inequalities and future of social care and welfare systems that many people with disabilities rely on in a post-pandemic economy.
An illustrated conversation between artist Victoria Crowe FRSE and poet Christine De Luca reflecting on our changed circumstance.
Our expert panel discussed how “Big Science” research is powering innovations and technology that shape and improves every aspect of our lives.
This panel reflects on the crucial role of sports and cultural participation in broadening our understanding of health and wellbeing
Can we really teach computers to read the handwriting of the past? This session will explore where new technologies meet old books.
This video, with geologists, artists, and historians, explores the history and the people who studied them during the Scottish Enlightenment.
Created by Hannah Lavery, Thirteen Fragments is an artistic response to how Scotland can emerge from the pandemic as a more equitable society.
Dr Rebekah Widdowfield and Professors Lynn Abrams and Ian Rivers discuss how to solve gender and LGBTI equality and diversity issues in a modern Scotland.