The linking of history and archaeology – or in this instance, monuments and artefacts – is explored in this special ‘in conversation’ talk.
This talk celebrates the science of eminent Scottish astronomers born of the Enlightenment and laying the foundations for Scottish astronomy today.
A debate on public health strategies looking at past practices and ideas that shape current messages about health and illness.
What has changed since the Bell Rock light was finished? In an age of GPS and satellite navigation, is there really any need for lighthouses?
David Hume has long been seen as Scotland’s – and indeed the English-speaking world’s – greatest philosopher, but also as
What are the fundamental arguments for and against assisted dying/suicide and can we truly debate them in a purely philosophical manner unencumbered by social constricts?
The lecture will propose the need for open and democratic debate about food futures.
An exploration of different aspect of Arab history, culture, religion and politics.
Ian Irvine talks about developments in renewable energy technology and how these can be used to generate sustainable energy.
Professor Geoffrey Boulton OBE explores the importance of wind, water and waves to the economy, culture, history and landscape of Scotland.
Professor Alexander Broadie argues that The Declaration of Arbroath, while mapping out Scotland’s history, uses it as propaganda.
A discussion forum for young people to engage in debate and allowing them to draw their own conclusions around Darwin’s theory of evolution.