Bruce Katz outlines a vision of a rebalanced next economy in the United States and explores its implications for the UK and Scotland.
Is there still a role for Trident? Can we afford it? A distinguished panel of experts debates these issues.
John Elvidge reflects on the challenges and opportunities for Scotland in a changing world, both for how we see ourselves and how others see us.
Professor Jose Torero extracts ten lessons on sustainable infrastructure from a decade of questioning and innovation post-9/11.
This lecture explores the authentic medieval Welsh literary corpus associated with Glyndŵr.
This lecture explores the art-historical significance of Rashid al-Din’s World History which is held by the University of Edinburgh.
Dr Chris Jones and Professor Graham Caie discuss major issues of the period, the attraction of medievalism in later periods and attitudes to mortality and death.
A look at Scottish sources prior to Barbour, considering Robert the Bruce’s reputation in Scotland before the poet represented him as the heroic liberator.
Stuart MacRae, Louise Welsh and Andrew Clark in an examination of the characteristics of a successful opera partnership.
Professor John Haldane gives an account of Thomas Reid’s life and thought, celebrating his approach to understanding human beings and their place in nature.
The Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes CH delivers the MacCormick European Lecture on the viability and merits of European foreign policy.
The Confucius Institute for Scotland brings you voices and views from Chinese and Western speakers with deep knowledge links between Scotland and China.