The Spring 2012 issue of ReSourcE features an announcement of our new 2012 Fellows; Advice and Briefing Papers on the
Professor Gordon outlines how working in close partnership with the rural sector, scientists can help inform how ‎land is used.
This lecture examines media representations of the Arab Spring, inter-Arab political rivalries and ‎Islamist phobia.
Is there a need for a revolution in the way that science is done and made available to the public? Professor Geoffrey Boulton offers potential answers.
Aubrey Manning spoke of the beauty and elegance of science and argues that it is very much part of culture – like a poem or a piece of music.
The extraordinary history of Kraków, once “the spiritual capital of a country that did not exist” and now a cosmopolitan city at the centre of Europe.
Lord Turner and Professor David Sugden discuss what the challenges are relating to climate change and what the future may hold.
14 years after sovereignty over Hong Kong was returned to China, Lord Wilson of Tillyorn considers the effect on Hong Kong and the wider world.
Professor Wade Allison explains why nuclear technology may be welcomed and used carefully to benefit the environment for the future without fear.
The lecture considers the opportunity to realise Scotland’s renewable energy potential and examines the more general theme of low carbon technologies and energy infrastructure.
Professor Tim Byers summarises the ways in which nutritional factors increase cancer risk and how the choices we make can prevent it.
Sir Harry Kroto discusses developments in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, explaining how molecules that ‘do things’ are now being made.